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Alpha Omega Epsilon



Here you will see the the sisterhood, leadership, and scholarship of our Alpha Omega Epsilon sisters from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA, where we form bonds that will last a lifetime. We’re getting ready for a busy schedule of social activities, volunteering opportunities, and philanthropy.

Come join us on our adventures!

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About Alpha Omega Epsilon

friendship - leadership - professionalism

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social sorority composed of females who have majored in engineering or technical sciences. It was founded on November 13, 1983, making Alpha Omega Epsilon the oldest engineering sorority. On March 22, 1984, Alpha Omega Epsilon became a recognized organization on the Marquette University Campus.

Initially founded to unite female engineers of all curricula, the Organization’s mission has since expanded to include women-identifying individuals in over forty active chapters internationally.


About Beta Iota

- our chapter -

The Alpha Omega Epsilon Beta Iota Chapter was founded on December 1, 2012 by 18 members. Since then, it has grown with over 50 active sisters.

The Chapter was founded on the basis of Friendship, Leadership, and Professionalism, the three pillars of A.O.E, and has grown to not only include these three values as a foundation but to also strive to live by them.  Through the original 18 founder members, the excitement and passion has continued to spread through each new class recruited and will no doubt continue the legacy for many more years to follow.

Quick Facts


Mascot: Dolphin

Colors: Royal Blue, Silver, and White

Flower: White Carnation, White Rose, and White Calla Lily

Jewel: Blue Sapphire, Pearl, and Diamond

Philanthropy: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Our Vision


Alpha Omega Epsilon is devoted to an enriching and life-changing experience for our members. Sisters commit to a lifelong engagement with Alpha Omega Epsilon by reinforcing the bonds between each-other and enhancing the experiences of future generations of engineers and technical scientists.



2020 - Best Overall on Target Report

Hosted the most events of any A.O.E chapter with the highest attendance rates

2020 - Campus Council Award

Worked with SWE and WISH to host a Women In Engineering panel during Engineering Week

2019 - Outreach Event Award

Hosted a catapult building Girl Scout event

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Our Ideals

As an individual, I will promote integrity, character, honesty, self-confidence, and uphold my financial responsibilities.

As a Sorority, we will promote unity, friendship, professionalism, follow traditions, and maintain our image.

As an integral part of the school, we will promote engineering and technical science activities, high scholastic standards, and strong relations between students and faculty.

As an integral part of the school, we will promote engineering and technical science activities, high scholastic standards, and strong relations between students and faculty.

Diversity Statement

1. Cal Poly’s Beta Iota Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon prohibits
discrimination against and harassment of any person or persons because
of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sexual
orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other
characteristic of their identity protected under federal or applicable state law.

2. We encourage our members to display integrity, character, honesty, and
self-confidence while promoting unity, friendship, and professionalism.
We expect all of our members to treat others with dignity and respect and
create an inclusive environment. Our organization was founded upon the
idea of supporting the minority group of female-identifying individuals in
STEM fields and we carry this attitude forward in the support of all
minority groups.

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